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Unidentified vessel and military reconnaissance plane near Marianne

Marianne of Gothenburg can now be located 279 nautical miles from Gaza.

-Military vessels and reconnaissance planes appeared near Marianne during Saturday afternoon, says Joel Opperdoes kaptain onboard Marianne.

Opperdoes informs that an undentified vessel and what in his opinion appears as a military reconnaissance aircraft, which during Saturday afternoon could be located near Marianne. The crew could not identify nationality for neither the vessels or the planes.

– The vessel and plane disappeared around 5pm today and we haven’t seen any signs of them since, the kaptain says.

4 replies on “Unidentified vessel and military reconnaissance plane near Marianne”

Some countries have Non identifiable planes and ships to avert any blame on whichever country they come from. Plausible deniability and all that.
No country in the EU not even the UK would track the Flotilla if anything happens to it There’s only two countries that could be involved in it. USA and Israel.
Many of us have hearts and really want the Flotilla to get to Gaza strip. If anyone wants it to fail then the Zionists will be delighted. We are not “anti-Semitic” and many of us want Israel to exist within the 1967 borders and be secure. We are not against the Jews either Zionists didn’t just steal the land of Palestine and murder and butcher massacre the Palestinian people they stolen the symbols of the Jewish faith and it’s spirituality.
Flotilla III will be in my thoughts and I hope to God that they arrive safely in Gaza strip and once the aide is given and they make their way back home safely too.
May God bless flotilla III and protect it from harm and evildoers

You are giants for human rights. .god bless all of you…god with you….
Palestine will be free

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