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Marianne reaches Messina

Ship to Gaza’s fishing ship “Marianne of Gothenbug” has reached the city of Messina, Sicilia. Messina will be the last stop before the ship joins the Freedom Flottila at sea and takes part in the joint effort to sail to Gaza. Among the Freedom flottila crew you find the Swedish journalist Kajsa Ekis-Ekman and the Canadian scholar Robert “Bob” Lovelace, a life-long activist in the movements for the Indigenous peoples’ rights.

At Friday the “Marianne of Gothenburg” crew will take part in non-violence training. At lunch time a press conference will take place, on the initiative of the Messia city mayor. In the late afternoon, the crew will leave Messia in order to join the Freedom Flottila.



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Godspeed wishing yo all a safe arrival in Palestine. Admiration, solidarity and thanks to all passengers and crew and everyone behind the flotilla campaign.

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