logbook press release

Friday 5th of Jun, 2015 [Lisbon-Motril]

Last port of call: Lisbon, Portugal
Next port of Call: Motril, Spain
Position: N 38° 08.6´ , W 009° 13.2´
Speed: 7,7 Knots
Course: 167°
Remaining distance to Motril: 362Nm
Estimated time of arrival, Motril: Sunday 7th 12:00 CET
Remaining distance to Gaza: 2361 NM
Estimated time of arrival, Gaza: Before the end of June

We departured from Lisbon this morning at 6 AM. Due to tidal conditions and draft restrictions it was either this time or chose to wait for the next high tide. Eager to go and put some more distance behind us we decided to leave our beds at 5 AM and prepare the ship for sailing. So far the weather has been fair with a breeze from the North and a small swell from Northeast. There are 14 persons onboard and during our introductory meeting yesterday with our new guests it struck me how many people we are from all around the world and different backgrounds, but with one common aim. To end the Blockade! People who would never had met or talked to each other if it wasn’t for the blockade. We all have one thing in common, the belief in human rights and that all human beings have the same right to exist and live no matter where we were born. A question also went through my head: Is Israel aware that it´s their politics that bring us together and that every time they chose to stop us and every time they chose to ignore international law, whether it is in Palestine or in international waters or anywere else our support just gets stronger? For me it is obvious, the blockade will fall sooner or later and Israel has the chance to end it now, or once again they can choose to provide us with even more support.